I like to think of a myself as equal parts designer and problem solver. When you can’t find me at my computer, chances are I’m enjoying some fresh air and getting lost in my imagination. If you revel in curiosity, knowledge, and adventure I’m sure we’ll be kindred spirits.

Since 2011, I have guided, created, and assisted in over a hundred projects as a Creative Director and Graphic Designer for print and web media.  I have years of real-world experience and a variety of tools under my belt to make sure that your message reaches its destination.

I have created everything from online advertising, website design, e-blasts, marketing materials and social networking exposure, to brand strategies and newspaper ads in the New York Times.

I want to help my clients realize their vision and foster an identity across a wide array of platforms. From publishing companies to non-profit organizations, the diversity of my clients has challenged me to critically assess their needs and tailor the project to help them stand out and shine from the rest of the pack.

Holly Peters graduated in 2011 with a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design from Cal State University, Northridge and is currently a Freelance Creative Director and Graphic Designer in the Los Angeles region.

You can reach her at Holly@HPdesignco.com